“Why is my automation project not working as intended…?”

Whenever, I hear this, I get sad. And I hear it far too often. Unfortunately, many organizations have never got the desired ROI from their automation investment. This blog article goes out to those who’ve already invested in automation, but is not getting the wanted outcome, and to you who are looking into investing in automation […]

NICE inContact – Virtual Customer Experience Event

nice incontact interactions live blog post

Click here to register for the event The need for flexibility and being adaptable is increasing and is a very essential part of the long-term success. We are entering a time of new realities, so get started with the most important issues of today and learn current best practices in customer experience. Why attend to […]

What is the difference between RPA and RDA?

What's the difference between RPA and RDA?

The definition of the difference between attended and unattended RPA is quite simple. As the name indicates the attended RPA runs with human interaction. Hence “attended”. And as you might have guessed, the unattended RPA runs without any human interaction. Hence “unattended”. The unattended RPA, however, still need human input like strict rules, goals and […]