“Why is my automation project not working as intended…?”

每当我听到这句话,我就会难过. 我经常听到这句话. Unfortunately, many organizations have never got the desired ROI from their automation investment. This blog article goes out to those who’ve already invested in automation, 而是没有得到想要的结果, and to you who are looking into investing in automation […]



I have been working for many years in the Customer Experience world and picked a few things that will help you along the way in creating the success we all want from our robotic process automation projects. Feel free to contact me at any time If you want to discuss them further or just give […]

Torbjörn Hörberg -中小企业客户体验

Torbjörn Hörberg is the Subject Matter Expert for all Customer Experience solutions at TM Group

满足可Horberg. TM集团的客户体验中小企业. “我的心为客户服务而跳动, and creating the best experience for customers, 当他们与品牌互动时. It’s what I have been working with for over 18 years. I come from working mostly in the retail world of IKEA and the customer support there. […]

Jacada Webinar: How To Discover the Best Use 情况下 for RDA in Your 联系 Center

How to discover the best use cases for RDA in your contact center

Register for the webinar here Our automation-partner, Jacada is hosting yet another masterclass webinar. This time it’s about how to discover the best use cases for RDA in a contact center. Join this webinar and make your automation-investment smart. 谁应该参加这个网络研讨会? Everyone working in a contact center, call center or customer service center should […]

RDA and RPA for one of the biggest retailers in the Nordic

Customer Case: RPA and RDA for one of the biggest retailers in the Nordics

Business-impact overview The most important take-aways from this case are that the average handle time per interaction was brought down, the number of applications the agents had to use during an interaction was also brought down, and the number of clicks which had to be made by the agents during an interaction were also brought massively down. 0分钟[…]

NICE in联系 – Virtual Customer Experience Event


Click here to register for the event The need for flexibility and being adaptable is increasing and is a very essential part of the long-term success. 盈丰国际官方站正在进入一个新的现实时代, so get started with the most important issues of today and learn current best practices in customer experience. 为什么要注意[…]

Jacada Webinar: How To Bullet-Proof Your Automation Roadmap With a ROI Calculator

How To Bullet-Proof Your Automation RoadMap With a ROI Calculator

Register for the webinar here Our business-partner on automation, Jacada is hosting a webinar about how to bullet- and future-proof your automation roadmap with an amazing ROI calculator. Join this webinar and make your automation-investment smart and optimized. 谁应该参加这个网络研讨会? Obviously this webinar is for everyone with a curious automation-soul. 然而,这[…]

NICE in联系 is now a TM Group Business Partner


NICE in联系 CXone is the leading cloud customer experience platform with a unified approach to Customer Analytics, Omnichannel路由, 劳动力管理, 和自动化 & 人工智能, enabling a more efficient environment for employees, exceptional customer experiences and better business results. CXone is already in use all over the world with more than 240 customers in […]